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Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Students creating the learning this week!

The presentation they created to teach another class.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Island Writing Project

Our next writing project will be based on your study of Geography. You will be working in groups of 3-4 and your group will be making their own island! Below you will find listed the items that MUST be included in your island. You MUST have: -a name for the island -what ocean I will find your island in -two land forms on the island we discussed in class -a description of the people who live there, the climate, animal life, and the culture (any special holidays or festivals celebrated, music, foods) You will need to MAKE your island. This means that simply drawing an island on a piece of paper will not suffice. I will, however, allow you to use a poster board, pieces of construction paper and other tangible items. Your island needs to be no smaller than the size of a dinner plate. You may choose what materials to make your island with as long as it is NOT on notebook paper. Drawing your island (with details) is fine on poster board or construction paper. You may also choose to build your island out of other materials. The information such as the name, ocean, and descriptions of people, climate, animal life, and culture may be written or typed on a separate sheet of paper. Please, do not spend any money on this project. Use the resources that you have available to you at school. The only condition I have is that the island NOT be drawn on notebook paper. I have construction paper at school if you need to use some. After you have your island constructed I would then like you and your group to put together a Smores project telling us about your island and what makes it a place we should come and visit. After you are done with this, I would like everyone to write me a story about your island. This you will work on by yourself! Consider these question as you plan your story:

Friday, March 8, 2013

I Have a Dream Speeches

Students had the opportunity to practice their speech giving skills by writing and giving a speech this week in school. We watched and discussed the speech given by Martin Luther King Jr., and then the kids wrote about and presented a dream that they had. They all did a wonderful job!

Shape Poems and Acrostic Poems.

This week, along with giving their first speeches, the kids got a chance to write two forms of poetry.  The first they worked on was an acrostic poem.  They chose a word, and then made a poem out of that word.  The next poetry we worked on were shape poems.  They all had a blast with this one!  Here are a couple examples of their work.